Professional Drone Photography Services


Okanagan Aerial Solutions offers professional drone photography services throughout the Okanagan. 

We use quadcopters (drones) to capture high resolution digital media for our aerial drone photography, allowing us to capture otherwise inaccessible angles with stunning results. 


Giving growers the ability to quickly and easily analyze entire fields at once has many advantages.

Today, images from drones can indicate the development of a crop with precision and can locate underperforming areas, enabling better crop management


Fly sites before breaking ground to capture initial state. Stand out among competitors in the bidding process with innovative digital tools.

Using a drone in construction allows contractors to safely navigate and map terrain, capture aerial lot photography, and analyze properties affordably and with ease.

Real Estate

When using a drone for real estate photography it offers a new perspective for the property. When capturing normal photos, photographers take photos from the perspective of a person standing in a driveway, garden, back yard, etc. And, somehow it is hard to create the connection with other shots.

But with aerial shots which are taken from a high distance give viewers a better view of the properties and give them the correct image of the house.

Travel & Tourism

Travel videos attract and engage consumers more than text and stills. And travel videos sell more than any other type of content. Hospitality and travel marketers know this.

Thanks to drones, they can now provide their target audience with innovative video content, showing a unique view of a resort, a tourist attraction or a destination.